Mother Warriors… (part one)

I am a mother warrior!  I will strive, love, scrape, bargain, budget, slave, serve, even step aside so that my children can be who they were created to be.  I will embrace their weaknesses, I will cheer their strengths.  I am surrounded by mothers that do the same.

One of my sons is well, quite Tiggery.  Boundless energy drives him from one disaster to the next.  He is a roller coaster of emotions that baffle me.   He is generous with love and passionate with anger.    Although I am most often just plain ol’ worn out with him, I always just attributed his behavior as being a spirited boy.  He just needs more time outdoors.

But recently, he has struggled with self-condemnation and frustration, sharing things that no child of his age should have to feel.  So, I put on my war paint and set off on a mission.

I spoke with his Pediatrician. We travelled to a Neurodevelopmentalist in Texas. I am reading five different books with five different perspectives.  Our entire family is trying a new allergy elimination diet.   I don’t know if I should try to fix him, embrace him, challenge him, correct him, or just let go.  But I will fight for him.  I am a Mother Warrior!


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