Mother Warriors (part 2)…

Unwelcome, morning sun peaks through cracks in rusted tin. Eyes red and swollen, Lorena gathers worn blankets…gathers strenth to do what she must. Doubt creeps up, forming a knot in her throat, but she swollows it down. She must! She is a mother! Light now pours through walls that cannot protect, illuminating Jose’s peaceful face…innocence on the precipice of destruction. Yes, she must act now. Death visits daily. The gangrene of neighborhood gangs has crept in, feeding on the flesh of boys, transforming the pure into vile.

But Lorena will not feed this beast, not with the fruit of her womb. Like Jochebed placed Moses among the reeds, entrusting him to the care of others, she will surrender Jose.  He cannot be both home AND safe.  She chooses safe.  She chooses an orphanage. 

Primal excruiciating pain raises in her heart.  Severing her rights feels more like severing joint from marrow.  But she will do it.  She is a mother warrior!

This is why we are going to Guatemala.   No mother should have to make this choice.  Engadi Ministries is not an orphanage.  It will be a home for boys with parents that want to protect them, but aren’t willing to forfeit their relationship.

As I fight for my “Tiggery” son, I can only imagine being a mother in Lorena’s situation.  Her struggle motivates me to join the battle and fight alongside Mother Warriors!

(Lorena’s story is fictional, but based on the lives of many women in the slums of Guatemala)


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